VANILLA TOUCH dámska parfumovaná voda

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Sweetness is not just a taste sensation – it’s also an atmosphere, emotions, memories and feminine charm… Feel all its shades in a captivating composition VANILLA TOUCH from LA RIVE! The fragrance opens with the juicy sweetness of the plum broken with hawthorn. Your senses will be calmed by the sweetest warmth of caramel, which in the company of charming lily of the valley, fills the heart of this fragrance. When the bouquet develops fully, you will feel the richness of the exotic nature of vanilla in its base which is the theme of this fantastic mosaic… Its character is emphasized by notes of sandalwood and cedar, ambroxan and a pinch of rapacious musk. Which of these worlds is closest to you? Show all your sweetness with VANILLA TOUCH!

hlava: slivkový tón, hloh

srdce: konvalinka, kumarín, gourmand karamel

základ: vanilka, pižmo, santalové drevo, suchý jantár, cédrové drevo



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