SWEET ROSE dámsky dezodorant / sklo

Typ vône ovocné a kvetinové 
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parfum deodorant 75ML

Ovocný a kvetinový mix, ktorý povzbudí každú ženu k zvádzaniu.

Woman captivating with her charm, with an extremely sophisticated style is like the rose which secret many want to discover, but only chosen ones have a chance to know its delectable sweetness. SWEET ROSE is electrifying fruity-floral composition for women, who are the most beautiful in red! Reigning in the composition the rose fragrance is emphasized by complementary aromas of musk and ambergris, balanced with refreshing citrus energy: grapefruit and mandarin. To emphasize the charm of flaming red rose, it was exposed to the wonderfully light white background of chords coming from lilies and white cedar wood seasoned with vanilla. The plum accent adds the fragrance vitality and creates a wonderful fragrance elixir – find the power of its alluring features!


hlava: mandarínka, grapefruit

srdce: biela konvalinka

základ: pižmo, jantár, vanilka, biele cédrové drevo


inšpirované vôňou Cacharel / Amor Amor

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